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Buying Your Dream House? Here are Important Things to Consider

Is it time to buy the home of your dreams? Congratulations on this wonderful milestone. You’ll find plenty of great options in Woodward, Mooreland, and the rest of Northwest Oklohoma.

While shopping for the right property is exciting, it’s important to always be cautious. The first step is to list down what to look for when buying a house, and use this to guide you in finding the perfect home.

Here are some of the most important things to consider:

Your budget

Before going home shopping, have a good idea of how much home you can truly afford. Get mortgage pre-approval. This will tell you the maximum loan amount you can likely obtain, which you can then use in setting your budget. Factor other expenditures, as well, such as upcoming utilities, HOA fees, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and any renovation work.


Where the house is located can have a big impact on your lifestyle. Consider the proximity of places that are important to you. If the location is far from offices and schools, for example, it may mean having to spend more time on the road. It can also be highly inconvenient for your kids.

Don’t overlook such details as noise or traffic, which can make living in the home unpleasant in the long run. Look into homeowners associations (HOA), as well. Some HOAs impose strict restrictions on the kind of renovations you can do on your property, as well as other rules and covenants.

Structural soundness

Regardless of the style and features you want for your new home, you have to make sure it is structurally sound. From the roof to the foundation, everything should be examined to ensure there are no major problems.  Failure to pick up on any problem may result in costly repairs later on.

A home inspection by a licensed professional is a good idea, especially if you are a first-time buyer with little knowledge in these matters. Your Realtor should be able to connect you with an expert who understands local building codes and standard practices.

Size of the property

When considering the size, ensure that the property suits your needs well. Decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that will comfortably accommodate all family members. You might want a home with a large yard, or enough space for a family room. Keep in mind, though, that a bigger home would likely cost more, so be practical, especially in view of your budget.

To renovate or not

Not all people are cut out to undertake home renovations. Many prefer a house that is move-in ready.  Others, however, are good at seeing the potential in even the most rundown of houses and know just what is needed to turn it into a dream home.

If you’re not interested in doing renovations to get the house you want, you may just have to compromise on a few features. Alternatively, you can seek out new developments where home features can be customized to your liking. You might also consider buying a vacant lot and building your home from scratch. While the process takes longer, it’s your best assurance that the home you get is as close as possible to what you’ve always wanted.

Work with an experienced Realtor who can help you make your dream home a reality. Get in touch with Katie McKinney here or at 580-374-5886.