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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the most recommended home renovations by Oklahoma real estate agents. With homebuyers today putting much premium on a great kitchen, updating yours is a smartway to add value to your property.

Unfortunately, having your kitchen remodeled often means you’re unable to use the space for some time. While you may be able to utilize some appliances, preparing a proper meal may not be practical. It’s advisable to plan ahead, and figure out how you will do without these facilities for a while.

Stock up on food and utensils

If you can get access to your refrigerator, pre-cook as much food as you can and freeze it. You can then just warm up the food on acamping stove or the microwave. It is a quick solution that’s affordable and guarantees healthy home cooked food. Frozen dinners can work just as well.

If you have the space for it, stock up on plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be prepared without cooking. Dry snacks can also help tide you over.

Where washing dishes and utensils may be difficult, consider disposables. There are many biodegradable and recyclable options. They may add to your trash levels but are acceptable to the environmentally conscious.

Set up elsewhere

Set up a small temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house that can help take care of simple meals. If you can, find a temporary spot for your refrigerator and microwave. Your dining room is a good place to use. Alternatively, a corner of the living room or a guest room can be sufficient.

If you have a large sink set up in the laundry room or garage, this can serve as a temporary kitchen sink. If you do go outside, ensure that you do not keep dirty dishes out overnight. It may attract wildlife. Indoors, the bathtub could also be used as a kitchen sink substitute.

Choose the least fussy recipes

If you prefer freshly-made meals, stick to those that require the least amount of clean up and the least need for the sink and other appliances. Crock-pots are great for preparing single meals with all the nutrients in one easy appliance. You can plug them in just about anywhere, and cleaning them up should not be difficult.

If weather permits, this could be a wonderful opportunity to use a barbecue grill. There are many meals, even in pots, that can be prepared this way. Stock up on some foil and fuel, and have fun with the family outdoors.

Take it outside

Besides enjoying an outdoor barbecue or picnic, you can also use this as an opportunity to visit your local restaurants. If you have a coupon book or discount vouchers, see how much you can affordably spend eating out during this time.

Time the remodel

If you can trust your remodeler to lock up tight and safeguard your possessions, you can also consider simply planning the project for when you will be away on vacation. This way you can skip all the inconvenience and come home to a wonderful new kitchen.

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