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Vegetable starting to grow and steps by steps

A Buyer’s Guide to Land Loans

Buying a parcel of land or purchasing an undeveloped lot can be a little more complex than buying a home. More so if you’re buying it via a regular mortgage. Thankfully, there’s the land loan that can be a viable option for your propert...

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Photo of someones computing a taxes when selling a home

Required Taxes When Selling Your Home

Homes are considered to be good investments because of their potential for being sold at marked-up market values. However, selling one’s house does not automatically mean making a 100% profit. There are heavy mandatory considerations like...

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Woman switching aircon while relaxing and seated in a comfy sofa chair

5 Hacks for Cooling Your House Down

Oklahoma summers can be quite unrelenting, and while it’s tempting to put the AC on full blast, there are several other ways to beat the heat at home. Here are a few tips to cool down this summer.  Be good to the AC The air condition...

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Mini Pushcart With House for Investing Portfolio

Investing in REITs

If you’re looking for a way to diversify your financial portfolio without having to deal with too much risk, you might want to give real estate investment trusts (REITs) a look. REITs are companies that own and/or manage income-producing ...

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Woman Arrainging closet before moving

5 Things to Toss out Before Your Coming Move

Moving to a new home provides you with a great opportunity to take stock of everything you own and decide what gets to come with you. Having a whole new space means that you no longer need to hang on to old things that have been cluttering ...

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A Photo Of A Reindeer in Oklahoma

Hunting in and Around Mooreland, OK

With its location in rural northwest Oklahoma and an abundance of game, Mooreland, OK offers plenty of opportunities for you to sharpen your hunting skills and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Before you head out to hunt, however, ther...

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Old Red Brick Wall badly damaged by weather

Why Spalling Is Bad News for Your Home

Many people think they know what to look for when buying a house. However, spalling can mean costly repairs and is not easy to detect. Spalling is sometimes incorrectly called “Spalding” or “Spaulding” and results from water seeping...

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